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2005 World Balloon Elimination Championship
Cripple Creek, Colorado, October 1 & 2, 2005

The World Balloon Elimination Championship in Cripple Creek was the final WFDA Chairman santioned contest held in 2005. It was a 3 out of 5, 3X contest. Pictures provided by Howard Darby, Peggy Franks, Cheryl Short and Dan Qualls.

Cripple Creek contest site
The contest was held in a parking lot off the main street
of Cripple Creek with autumn colors in the surrounding hills

AA Women
Nicole Franks & Jennifer Knick
B Men
Gary Tryon, George Rude & David Livingston

Sarah Pantano and Tena Tayler
Sarah Pantano & Tena Tayler
Jim Vonfeldt and Clint Felton
Jim Vonfeldt & Clint Felton

Scorekeepers and announcer
Contest Organizers
Contest Organizers
Doug Shane, Cheryl Short,
Brian Colwell, Anita & Chuck Burnham

Trophy winners
Trophy winners. Each winner received a custom belt buckle.

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View David Livingston's video from the Cripple Creek shoot Click on the link at left, then click on the "Cripple Creek" album. You'll need Internet Explorer and a fast connection (cable or DSL), and must disable pop up blockers for the site to view the video.

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Contest Results

AA Men AA Women
1st Howard Darby 1st Alanna Blinn
2nd Jim Vonfeldt 2nd Nicole Franks
3rd Todd Vonfeldt 3rd Joyce Tryon
4th Frank Lawton 4th Cheryl Short
5th Chuck Burnham 5th Jennifer Knick
6th Bob Edmiston 6th Peggy Franks
7th Clint Felten 7th Linda Faughn
8th Dan Qualls 8th Susie Vonfeldt
9th Jay Faughn 9th Jennifer Felten
10th Greg Knick 10th Anita Burnham
11th Brian Colwell
12th Bob Franks
13th Dennis Robinson

A Men

A Women
1st Bob Arganbright 1st Judy Lawton
2nd Michael Pantano Jr. 2nd Vivian Wahlen
3rd Darryl Blinn 3rd Sarah Pantano
4th Don Mowery 4th Tena Tayler
5th Miles Miller 5th Joyce Bright
6th Gil Guerra 6th Margie Murphy
7th Wendell Wahlen 7th Terri Thase
8th Justin Ennes 8th Christine Blinn
9th Jim Yager
10th Mike Proctor
11th Darrell Peters
12th Bill Duff
13th Don Murphy
14th Tom Wentz
15th Sean Edmiston
16th GW Jones
17th Jack Rudd
18th Ron Bright
19th Wes Flowers
20th Garland Sutton

B Men

B Women
1st Gary Tryon 1st Anette Edmiston
2nd Larry Schipper 2nd Carla Howell
3rd David Livingston 3rd Margaret Crump
4th Vern Recker 4th Linda Benedictson
5th Richard Benedictson 5th Marina Guerra
6th George Rude 6th Anita Miller
7th Mike Reynolds 7th June Wahlen
8th Bill Crump
9th Bill Caravello
10th Peter Garibaldi
11th Jerry Wells
12th Bob Briney
13th Joe Colwell
14th Ralph Howell
15th Doug Shane

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