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2005 World Balloon Elimination Championship
Cripple Creek, Colorado, October 1 & 2, 2005

Below are some more picture taken during the 2005 World Balloon Elimination Championship.

Cripple Creek contest site
Another picture of the contest site (right side of
picture) off the main street of Cripple Creek

Gary Tryon and Larry Shipper
'B' Men's division finalists
Gary Tryon & Larry Shipper
Anette Edmiston and Carla Howellr
'B' Women's division finalists
Anette Edmiston & Carla Howell

Bob Arganbright and Michael Pantano Jr.
'A' Men's division finalists
Bob Arganbright & Michael Pantano Jr.
Vivian Wahlen and Judy Lawton
'A' Women's division finalists
Vivian Wahlen & Judy Lawton

Jim Vonfeldt and Howard Darby
'AA' Men's division finalists
Jim Vonfeldt & Howard Darby

Nicole Franks and Alanna Blinn
'AA' Women's division finalists
Nicole Franks & Alanna Blinn waiting for the light.
Check out that concentration!

Division winners
Division Winners
'AA': Howard Darby & Alanna Blinn
'A': Bob Arganbright & Judy Lawton
'B': Anette Edmiston & Gary Tryon

Mike Proctor and Bob Franks
Mike Proctor & Bob Franks stylin' in Cripple Creek.

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