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Fast Draw in Japan

Japanese Fast Draw shooter, Ichiro Kato, in action Japanese Fast Draw shooter, Ichiro Kato
Outside of North America, Japan and England probably have the highest number of organized Fast Draw shooters. Due to the strict gun laws in these countries the shooters have come up with some ingenious methods to participate in the sport they love.

Due to gun laws in Japan, no metal guns may be owned by civilians. The Colt replica pictured here is hard plastic, but operates like a standard single action revolver.

Japanese Fast Draw Gun and Shell Below the gun you will notice the pieces that make up a Japanese Fast Draw cartridge. The small piece second from the left is placed inside the cartridge base and fills the area taken up by a primer in a 'normal' cartridge. The round silver and red 'cap' (third from left) is placed flat on the primer rod, and the cartridge top is screwed on the assembly to complete the cartridge. When fired, the firing pin pushes the primer rod and cap into the base of the cartridge top, igniting the cap. The cartridge top is hollow, allowing the gases and sparks from the cap to escape down the barrel.

This video gives a good overview of how Fast Draw is done in Japan:

Japanese Fast Draw Web Sites
WFDA Japan

Hartford - A Japanese replica gun company that supplies the guns used in Japanese Fast Draw.

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