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Desperados Fast Draw Club - Modesto, California

Brief History of our club

The Desperado FDC was founded in October of 1991. It is located in the Modesto-Turlock area in the central part of California. Since its inception the club has become a main artery for fast draw enthusiasts. The "Desperados" proudly boasts such members as several current and past World Champions, "The Fastest Gun Alive" Champion, Northern California Top Guns, and The Area #5 Northern California Vice-Chairman of the World Fast Draw Association.

Fast Draw as it is Today

The sport of Fast Draw is a modern day sport which has its roots in our western heritage. We simulate, in a safe manner, the hollywood version of the western shoot out. To put it simply, the idea is to draw a single action revolver from a holster, cock and fire it, and hit a target in the shortest possible time. The target in modern Fast Draw is either a balloon or a metal silhouette. NO "live" ammunition is used. The ammo used is either blanks or wax projectiles propelled by shotgun primers or .22 blanks. Even though these bullets travel at between 650 and 1100 fps., rules provide that they be handled with the same respect as "live" ammo. In thousands of matches shot over the past several years, there has never been a serious accident.

Family Enjoyment

Fast Draw is as much a woman's sport as it is a man's. Strength is much less a factor than are reflexes and dexterity. For individuals who already participate in other shooting sports, Fast Draw adds another dimension to shooting - a race against time. For those who have not engaged in other shooting sports, Fast Draw offers a new and thrilling way to develop safe gun handling habits, and at the same time the opportunity to participate in a FUN and competitive sport. It can be as competitive as the individual wishes it to be. Usually , success is in the direct relation to the degree of dedication, effort, and desire put into it.

Photo Gallery

Top two women's division finalists

Linda Faughn (far side) of the Desperados FDC winning the women's title at the Fastest Gun Alive tournament in Virginia City, Nevada.

Watch for more photos to appear here soon.


Contact Us

We're looking forward to seeing you on the "Firing Line".

Please contact the Desperados FDC for any information about the sport. Contests and practices are held once a month locally. Dates and times available upon request. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions please contact us at

Desperados member, Jay Faughn - WFDA Area 5 Vice-Chairman:

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