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Fast Draw 101 with Howard Darby

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Your guide to the Fastest Timed Sport in the World
Welcome! You've discovered Fast Draw. This shooting sport combines a well tuned single-action revolver, 'full-powder' blanks or wax bullets, and a lightning quick draw to create the fastest timed sport in the world. Take a few minutes to discover the challenge and excitement of this amazing sport.

Types of Fast Draw: This site deals with the styles used by the World Fast Draw Association, Ohio Fast Draw Association, Kansas Fast Draw Association and a few others. They are the most diverse styles of Fast Draw, allowing for stock or modified guns, and wax and blank ammunition shooting at a number of different metal or balloon targets.

Get Ready! You're now ready to learn about this amazing sport by using the links at left, and make sure to check out the Getting Started section and our Facebook group to discover how you can find out more about Fast Draw.

Recent Contests
Photo Album
2023 National Elimination Championship
Sturgis, SD
May 27-28, 2023

Photo Album
Wichita Gunfight
Wichita, KS
Sept 25-26, 2022

Photo Album
2022 National Index Championship
Sturgis, SD
June 4-5, 2022

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WFDA Blank World Championships

Day 1 from the WFDA World Elimination Championships

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Safety Note: The concept of the Fast Draw is a potentially dangerous one. It is for this reason that only blanks and wax bullets propelled by .22 blanks or shotshell primers are used in the sport. In fact, no 'live' ammunition is allowed at a competition site. The World Fast Draw Association and the members of this sport do not endorse the use of 'live' ammunition when performing a fast draw.

Although blanks and wax bullets are the recommended method of enjoying this sport, they can be dangerous when not used in the proper manner. Please make sure to follow all normal firearm safety procedures.