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To Govern, Preserve and Promote the sport of Fast Draw

World Fast Draw Association crest The World Fast Draw Association was formed in 1976 when the Mid-Western and Western Fast Draw Associations merged, and is one of the largest sanctioning bodies in the sport of Fast Draw. It is a nonprofit group dedicated to governing, preserving and promoting the sport of Fast Draw.

The WFDA has twelve regional Vice-Chairman that cover all areas of the United States, plus Vice-Chairman in Canada and Japan. Contests sanctioned by the WFDA fall within two categories: Vice-Chairman sanctioned, and Chairman sanctioned. The vice-chairman sanctioned contests are smaller regional contests, while the chairman sanctioned contests are some of the largest contests found in the sport, with up to a hundred of the fastest guns in the world competing for the top honors.

Richard Parmentier and Mike Pantano in Durango In most years there are four to six chairman sanctioned contests scheduled, with a number of vice-chairman contests. Please see the on-line Contest Calendar for more information. You can also take a look at a sample of WFDA world records to see how fast Fast Draw really is.

Joining the WFDA will keep you informed in all of the activity at the top level of the sport. Along with the membership card, you will receive a WFDA shoulder patch, WFDA rule book (view the section on gun rules), and a year subscription to 'Top Gun' magazine. Membership is required to compete in any sanctioned event.

  • Membership in the WFDA is $55 plus $15 insurance per year due on February 10th, with a $10 initiation fee the first year. However, there is currently a $25 introductory membership available for new members that includes insurance. Family membership is $20 for first member, then $10 for additional family members (please see the membership form for full details).

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Please e-mail for more information.

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