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Fast Draw Information

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Fast Draw World Records

The following is a sample list of some current World Fast Draw Association records. These records reflect the speeds that can be achieved by a skilled competitor drawing and firing a single-action revolver. It should be remembered that all times include the shooter's reaction time to the random light signal. Records are compiled in the following categories:
  • Men / Women
  • Elimination / Index (total score) competitions
  • Open / Traditional style competitions
  • Single shot / Event totals (3 rounds for double target events, 5 shots for all others)

World Record Examples

Single ShotEvent Total * Single ShotEvent Total *
Standing Blanks 4" @ 8' (Index) Open StyleErnie Hill.219Howard Darby & Ernie Hill1.180Linda Mastro.255Joyce Tryon1.409
Traditional StyleIoan Nica
(Nick Quick)
.236Howard Darby1.334Nicole Franks.267Nicole Franks1.624
Standing Blanks 4" @ 8' (Elimination) Open StyleErnie Hill.208Not ApplicableLinda Mastro.246Not Applicable
Traditional StyleIoan Nica
(Nick Quick)
.232Not ApplicableNicole Franks.263Not Applicable
Standing Wax 15' (Index) Open StyleJoe Nelson.240Ernie Hill1.371Lucy Fair.319Sharon Wenrick2.144
Traditional StyleRich Parmentier.280Ron Phillips1.854Jan Barry.357Dinah Elrich2.644
Double Blanks 4" @ 8' (Index) Open StyleBob Mernickle.377Bob Mernickle1.246Dee Wiwchar.494Lucy Fair1.591
Traditional StyleRich Parmentier.404Cal Elrich1.309Donna Lechner.439Rita Guerra1.926
* - Event totals are 5 shots for all events, except for doubles which is 3 rounds.
All times are in thousandths of a second. For example, .250 is exactly one quarter of a second.

- View all WFDA records

All World Record Holders
The following table lists all of the current World Record holders, and how many records each of them holds. Records are held in the different events, at different distances, and using different styles (each contest is sanctioned as a specific style). Please see the pages on Events or Classifications for further details.
Howard Darby 22
Bob Mernickle 22
Cal Eilrich 17
Bob Bussinger 10
Rich Parmentier 10
Ioan Nica (Nick Quick) 9
Jon Rivera 8
Jim Vonfeldt 7
Gil Guerra Jr. 6
Ernie Hill 6
Joe Nelson 6
Ron Phillips 5
Chuck Burnham 4
Bob Edmiston 4
Johnny Owen 4
Greg Danielson 3
Bob Graham 3
Ted Blocker 2
Jerry Sifferman 2
Gary Tryon 2
James Yurasek 2
Terry Zucht 2
Gene Ballard 1
Ken Birdwell 1
Del Burnham 1
Brian Colwell 1
Gene Cozzitorto 1
Bob Dudley 1
Herbert Gootee 1
Gil Guerra, Sr. 1
Mark Hullen 1
Mike Kalloch 1
Frank Lawton 1
Al Miles 1
Kyoshi Nagai 1
Jerry Simpson 1
Jim Standridge 1
Ray Thielke 1
Wendell Wahlen 1
Todd Vonfeldt 1
Tony Williams 1
Nicole Franks 49
Joyce Tryon 29
Lucy Fair 10
Donna Lechner 10
Linda Faughn 9
Dinah Eilrich 9
Sharon Wenrick 8
Rita Guerra 5
Doreen Ballard 4
Peggy Franks 4
Sherry Kelley 4
Linda Mastro 3
Debbie Nelson 3
Susie Vonfeldt 3
Alanna Blinn 2
Lynn Corbin 2
Cheri Gosserand 2
Monica James 2
Margie Tinsley 2
Jan Barry 1
Sarah DeMerritt 1
Jennifer Knick 1
Judy Lawton 1
Stormie Mernickle 1
Virginia Reese 1
Diana Rosen 1
Dee Wiwchar 1

Setting of World Records

This video was taken at the US Open Championships in Watkins, Colorado in April, 2013. It shows three shooters setting new world records. Some of the records were re-broken by the subsequent shooter. Each record must be backed up with a shot within .03 of a second, and in some single-shot stages that was accomplished in a stand-alone shot fired after the round ended.

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