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Thumbing Division

WFDA Thumbing Division shooters Thumbing Division was created to allow competition between shooters using stock single action guns and holsters. Event hosts can choose to include a Thumbing Division in their contest, and if provided, shooters can generally compete in this division as well as their regular standard division. The rules for this type of contest are like the standard rules other than the following major points:

  • Only stock guns may be used.
  • Allowable calibers are .45, .38 or .357.
  • Action jobs and deepening the lock slots on the cylinder are allowed.
  • No aluminum or titanium substitute parts, and no fanning hammers.
  • Holsters can be any WFDA Traditional, SASS or CFDA legal holsters, but no twisting or bucket holsters (allowed holsters include buscadero and steel lined holsters such as Arvo Ojala, Andy Anderson, and Alfonso).
  • Deflector shields at the bottom of the holsters are recommended for all events, and required for blanks.
  • Thumbing only, except Doubles. A second shot may be fanned.
  • Shooters can start in the lawman ready position - i.e. hand on the gun with finger outside the trigger guard.
Please check contest announcements for inclusion of a Thumbing Division in the contest you're interested in attending.

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