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2000 World Elimination Championships
Parachute, Colorado, July 29 - 30, 2000

The World Elimination Championships was a Traditional Style contest that saw the fastest guns in the sport compete for the 2000 world title. This was a 3-out-of-5, 3X contest, meaning that you had to beat your competitor 3 shots, and you had to loose 3 rounds of shooting before being eliminated from the contest. The contestants were split into 3 divisions for women, and 3 divisions for men (AA, A & B) depending on their speed classification, with AA being the unlimited, fastest class.

Contest Site

This is the contest site of the 2000 World Elimination Fast Draw Championships.

Women's AA division finalists
Women's "AA" division finalists Joyce Tryon (far side) and Nicole Franks.

Women's B division finalists
Women's "B" division finalists Ashley Colwell (closest) and Shirley DeMerritt.

Men's AA division finalists
Men's "AA" division finalists Bob Bussinger (far side) and Richard Parmentier.

Men's B division finalists
Men's "B" division finalists Jim Yager (closest) and Bill Duff.

Score Keepers

The scorekeepers and clock operator hard at work.

Contest winners

The trophy winners at the World Elimination Championships. Top winners kneeling in the front row (l-r): Joyce Tryon (2nd AA Women), Bill Duff (1st B Men), Bob Arganbright (1st A Men), Bob Bussinger (crouching down-2nd AA Men), Richard Parmentier (1st AA Men), Nicole Franks (1st AA Women), Carol Cozzitorto (1st A Women), Ashley Colwell (1st B Women).

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