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2000 Wild Bill Hickok Days Championships
Deadwood, South Dakota, June 17 - 18, 2000

For the last ten years the Wild Bill Hickok Elimination Championships have been one of the favorite stops on the Fast Draw Top Gun Tour.

The Shooting Stage

The shooting took place on a stage on the local football field. Four shooters competed on the stage at one time, with the two on the right shooting out against each other, and the two on the left doing the same. The first person in each pairing to win three shots won the round. A shooter had to loose three rounds to be eliminated from the contest.

Steve Shaefer, Greg Danielson and Howard Darby

Three shooters in action. Left to right: Steve Shaefer, Greg Danielson and Howard Darby.

Shoot Site

The red tent on the left was the shooter preparation area. The shooting stage is behind it, with the South Dakota Black Hills in the background.

Tristen Burnham

Young Tristen Burnham competing in Men's "A" division.

Wild Bill Hickok Elimination Championship winners

The division winners of the 2000 Wild Bill Hickok Days Championships

left to right: Ashley Colwell (B division Women's winner), Anita Burnham (A Women's), Joyce Tryon (AA Women's), Howard Darby (AA Men's), Del Burnham (A Men's), Jim Yager (B Men's)

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