Fast Draw Photo Gallery

Wild Bill Hickok World Fast Draw Championship
Held in Deadwood, South Dakota, June 28th & 29th, 1997

Womens winner Jan Barry
Jan Barry of The Buzzard's Roost Gang Fast Draw Club in Northern California reacts to winning the 1997 Women's World Elimination Championship. In the final rounds of competition Jan also set a new women's world record for drawing and firing a single-action revolver from a traditional holster. Her record is .283 seconds; just over a quarter second to react to the signal, draw the gun, fan the hammer and fire the shot to hit the target.

Mens Finalist shoot it out!
Bob Bussinger (left) of Southern California fires the winning shot to take the men's division at these World Championships. Cal Elrich (right) placed second.

The trophy winners from all six divisions.
These are the trophy winners from the three men's and three women's divisions. The unique trophies are customized gold pans.

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