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2005 World Wax Elimination Championships
Deadwood, South Dakota, June 11 - 12, 2005

The World Wax Elimination Championships was a Traditional Style contest that saw eighty of the fastest guns in the sport compete for the 2005 world title. This was a 3-out-of-5, 3X contest, meaning that you had to beat your competitor 3 shots, and you had to loose 3 rounds of shooting before being eliminated from the contest. The contestants were split into 3 divisions for women, and 3 divisions for men (AA, A & B) depending on their speed classification, with AA being the unlimited, fastest class. The ammunition consisted of wax bullets propelled by 6-grains of black powder at a steel target.

Contest Site
The contest site for the 2005 World Wax Elimination Fast Draw
Championships was the Days of '76 Museum in Deadwood.

Score Keepers
Jim Standridge (left) and Jim Yager shooting it out.

Women's B division finalists
Women's "B" division finalists (l-r)
Joyce Bright and Anita Miller (1st place).

Men's B division finalists
Men's "B" division finalists (l-r)
Gary Adrian (1st place) and Ethan Rudd.

Women's A division finalists
Women's "A" division finalists (l-r)
Jennifer Felten (1st place) and Melissa Rudd.

Men's A division finalists
Men's "A" division finalists (l-r)
Clint Felten and Miles Miller (1st place).

Women's AA division finalists
Women's "AA" division finalists (l-r)
Nicole Franks (1st place) and Alanna Blinn.

Men's AA division finalists
Men's "AA" division finalists (l-r)
Howard Darby (1st place) and Greg Danielson.

Score Keepers
(l-r) Cheryl Short, Linda Faughn, Jennifer Knick
& Susie Vonfeldt competing in AA division.

Contest winners
The trophy winners at the World Wax Elimination Championships.

Men AA     Women AA
2nd Gregg Danielson        2nd Alanna Blinn
3rd Chuck Burnham        3rd Peggy Franks
4th Todd Vonfeldt        4th Jennifer Knick
5th Frank Lawton        5th Linda Faughn
6th Greg Knick        6th Cheryl Short
7th Jim Vonfeldt        7th Susie Vonfeldt
8th Jay Faughn        8th Joyce Tryon
9th Brad Hemma        9th Anita Burnham
10th Jon Wilson       
11th Dan Qualls      
12th Richard Parmentier      
13th Bob Franks      
14th Den Robinson      
15th Brian Colwell

Men A     Women A
2nd Clint Felten        2nd Melissa Rudd
3rd Jim Yager        3rd Judy Lawton
4th Ron Bright        4th Margie Murphy
5th Bob Arganbright        5th Vivan Wahlen
6th Jack Rudd      
7th Jim Standridge       
8th Garland Sutton      
9th Wendell Wahlen      
10th Darryl Blinn      
11th Tom Reed      
12th G W Jones      
13th Don Murphy      
14th Gil Guerra Sr.      
15th Mike Pantano      
16th Justin Ennes      
17th Mike Proctor      
18th Tom Wentz   

Men B     Women B
2nd Ethen Rudd        2nd Joyce Bright
3rd Richard Benedictson        3rd Christine Blinn
4th Larry Schipper        4th Lana Reed
5th Bill Crump        5th Carol Adrian
6th Dan Gallaway        6th Stephany Ford
7th Vern Recker        7th Karen Robinson
8th Dale Weitzel        8th Margaret Crump
9th Jim Crump        9th Mary Neese
10th Bill Caravello        10th June Wahlen
11th Paul Telford      
12th David Livingston      
13th Greg Tryon      
14th Jim Lambley      
15th Floyd Annis      
16th Colby Qualls      
17th Charley Boyle      
18th Shane Croft      
19th Conner Wahlen      
20th Adam Graft      
21st Dale Lee      
22nd Andy Fink      
23nd Jay Hansaon


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