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2005 Cripple Creek Double Or Nothing Shoot Out
Cripple Creek, Colorado, May 14 & 15, 2005

Below are some picture taken by Peggy Franks during the Cripple Creek Double Or Nothing Shoot Out. Thanks for the pictures, Peggy.

Greg Knick and Bob Arganbright
Greg Knick (left) & Bob Arganbright
Mike Pantano Sr. and Dennis Robinson
Mike Pantano Sr. (left) & Dennis Robinson

Bob Franks and Doug Shane
Doug Shane
The left picture above shows Bob Franks (left) presenting sponsor Doug Shane with a badge. At right is Doug shooting in the contest. Doug had tried Fast Draw at a demo a few months ago, and entered this contest, shooting Double for the first time Saturday morning. Thanks to the excellent tutelage of Brian Colwell and lots of hits, Doug managed to make it all the way to 11th place. Doug is a great sponsor, and has lots of plans to make the World Blank Elimination Championship in October even bigger and better.

Traffic sign in Cripple Creek
A traffic sign in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Cripple Creek was an interesting site for this contest, very reminiscent of Deadwood as a historic town with lots of Casinos down the main street. At 9,494 feet in elevation we quickly learned not to run too fast up stairs!

Howard Darby and Bill Caravello
Howard Darby (left) & Bill Caravello
waiting for the light to come on
Miles Miller
Miles Miller

Brian Colwell and Nicole Franks
Winners Brian Colwell & Nicole Franks
Brian Colwell and Cheryl Short
Brian Colwell receiving his 1st place
Men's plaque from host Cheryl Short.
Thanks for organizing a great shoot, Cheryl!

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